We are dedicated to travelling to the ends of the earth in pursuit of finding the highest quality CBD products that contain the very best delivery systems for getting CBD into your bloodstream. We have sourced the purest and best quality ordinary CBD products like tinctures and softgels; you can taste, smell and see the difference in our CBD products.  We also licensed the exclusive USA rights to a handful of extremely unique, powerful and revolutionary CBD products which deliver up to 95% of the CBD into your bloodstream.  We have a CBD Mentos style candy, a CBD Crunch Melt candy and a CBD Gum coming soon in multiple flavors.

Prosperity offers healthy and natural CBD products containing no GMO (genetically modified organisms) or artificial ingredients. Both convenient and easy to consume, our line of products makes for immediate CBD release, no mess, and no fuss.


Improving Your Well-Being

Our mission is to help people in need by providing the highest quality CBD products with the very best delivery of CBD into your bloodstream at the lowest price possible.  This ensures that you are receiving the purest, highest quality and most amount of CBD into your bloodstream per dollar spent.  Delivery is everything; both the percentage of CBD that gets into your bloodstream and to have us ship our CBD products directly to you each month.  The Relic CBD Club is coming soon and if you are interested in having your personal selection of CBD products at a huge discount shipped directly to you each month; click on CLUB INTEREST below and add yourself to our list to be updated about the launch.  You can cash in on CBD by selling our brand of CBD products or we would love to help you create and supply your very own private labeled brand of CBD products.



Cash in on CBD

Our goal is to help you launch your very own CBD business.  We built this site to do business with entrepreneurs who recognize the once in a lifetime type of opportunity CBD is for Americans right now.  Its bigger than the 1949 Gold Rush we saw years ago in the western United States. Prosperity has taken all the trouble and mystery out of getting into your very own CBD business.  You can choose to try a Sample Kit and receive 1 of each of our branded 4 products to personally try for 50% of the MSRP.  If you want to jump right into business you can order a Test Kit and receive 10 of each of our 4 branded products, a total of 40 items and see if you can double your money selling these products at retail.  Lastly, we are ready to take our top of the line products and put them in packaging and labelling that you create with our design team; you would order your very own Launch Kit and get 20 of each of YOUR 4 products private labelled for a total of 80 items.  You can sell your CBD products to smoke shops, vape shops, pharmacies, wellness and nutritional stores, pain management centers, chiropractic and physical therapy centers, massage clinics, health clubs, Gym’s, spas, salons, yoga studios, gas stations, corner stores, dispensaries, CBD shops, friends and family and even build a website and sell your products online.  It’s your business and you are free to cash in on CBD however you dream up.                                                


The Relic CBD Club

Ancient technology rediscovered and then delivered directly to your front door every month.  Try a variety of the best CBD products available in the USA today.  The first 1000 people that sign up below will lock in this pre-launch pricing for life, so long as you don’t cancel your subscription with us.  What is pre-launch pricing?  First, you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders for life and SECOND you receive Buy One Get One Free pricing for life if you add your name to our Club Interest list and then sign up for delivery before we launch The Relic CBD Club.  NOT KIDDING.  How does it work?  We assign you a product specialist who will recommend a different set of products to try each month so you can determine your preferences.  Lock in or change your product preferences each month and continue to receive your CBD right at home.  We sourced only the finest CBD products in the world, so you don’t have to worry about shopping for purity, quality, bioavailability or the best price for your CBD.  It’s a relief that The Relic CBD Club is going to be super affordable and convenient.  Don’t wait one minute and lock in your BOGO for Life pricing and get on the Club Interest list now… do it!


Support Programs

Wounded Veterans can receive a FREE box of our revolutionary CBD products for each box or bottle of CBD products we sell online through our website.  Our troops have given everything for our freedom and want to give them freedom from sleeplessness, anxiety, PTSD or pain.  Do your part and shop with us and we will do our part and give our Veterans CBD products for FREE!  Our goal is to give away 10 million boxes of CBD to our Veterans.

USIAHT is the US Institute Against Human Trafficking and committed to end human trafficking through prevention, combating demand, rescuing victims, influencing government policy and providing a safe space for the restoration of survivors.  We are committed to donating one percent (1%) of all online retail sales revenue to USiaht to fight human trafficking in America.


Full Spectrum CBD Products

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