Our patented extraction method produces the highest yield which means the best value for our customers in a convenient, easy to consume product which releases more CBD where it counts.

Prosperity offers healthy and natural CBD products containing no gmo (genetically modified organisms) or artificial ingredients. Our patented extraction method provides a greater yield which means the best value for our customers in convenient, easy to consume products which release more CBD into the bloodstream where it counts!

Making Your Well Being Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality CBD products at a sustainable, low cost for the customer. The CBD remedies we provide are created using the purest extraction method which delivers more than 400 active cannabinoids and less toxicity in the final product compared to competitors that follow a CO₂ based extraction method. This unique process allows for lower dosages when consuming, in turn decreasing potential side effects including psychoactive properties.


We Offer Full Spectrum CBD Products

What Is CBD?

Nowadays people use CBD in many different ways.  It can be found in oil drops, softgels, edibles, drinks, sprays and various topical lotions, balms and creams.  Consumers have reported relief when using CBD products and has helped with pain relief, depression, anxiety, sleep issues and as an overall mood enhancer without any psychoactive side effects.   Many people have replaced their prescription painkillers with CBD remedies, claiming that it treats their ailment better without contributing to our nation’s huge opioid crisis.


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